Sports Management Platform for simplifying your sports management tasks

The smart way to make your work paperless, fast & efficient.

Organize your games & practices & manage your teams

Quick & painless communication with students & coaches.


No more wasting time in planning, just focus on playing



Register no. of players & coaches online 24/7 & store their information in a centralized organized database. Create team and trials for players, assign roles to each & ensure that the communication with your team is no longer a difficult task.



Our solutions make the team management task easy, paperless & fast, where coaches can easily manage teams online, according to the year, course, gender, houses and sports, thereby reducing the admin work & giving them enough time to focus on coaching.




Personalize your college’s URL, which will serve as a web address of your profile page, which can be shared & bookmarked with other users. You can easily manage the content ordering as per your requirement & place the most relevant content at the top of your website.



With our innovative features, you can manage all your schedules, events & team communication under one platform. Students & teachers can be informed & invited for the event, team & trial participation. It will automate your communication process.


We invite you to browse the features that colleges love

Team Manager

It provides end-to-end solution for managing complete process of team creation at different levels for multiple sports. You can easily group players according to sports, gender, year, course, house and avoid duplicity.

Android App

Manage your sports task through our android app available on Google play store. Our push notification service will not let you miss any scheduled events. We also facilitate instructor’s slot booking through the app.

Schedule Manager

Manage all your schedules under one platform. Inform & invite various connected users for the events & trials. You can set schedules for - specific time, hourly basis, daily basis or weekly basis or for any required no. of days.

Hall of Fame

Showcase your college’s sports achievements & accolades in this section. Images & certificates of the events can be uploaded & described in this section. This will act as repository of all the sports achievements.

Connection & Group Management

Stay connected with students, coaches, schools & colleges & inform them about latest updates of your teams, trials & sports events. You can also manage students with our unique group management feature under each category.


Photo Gallery

Upload images of your games & tournament from your mobile or web, as soon as the event gets over. Students can easily view the images of the latest events through the college’s profile page.


Display your college’s testimonials to other users & let them know what your customers say about you. They will demonstrate your proven track record of meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

Personalized URL

It will give you a unique online destination. It will serve as a web address of the college’s profile page, which can be shared & bookmarked to other users. It will create a truly personal & engaging experience of your sports community with you.

Mobile Friendly Web Portal easily scales itself to fit tablets, mobile devices & smaller browser windows. Our website’s responsive design support, makes it a mobile friendly web portal & allows the user to view the site anytime from anywhere & save the precious time.

Content Management System (CMS) for Public Pages

Our unique CMS gives allows easy editing, modifying, organizing, deleting & content ordering of your profile page. It will also make your page Search Engine friendly & bring you on top of the search list.


Anywhere you go, just stay in the loop with the events, tasks, teams and decisions made, with the Android app available on the Google Play Store. Whether you are on the web or the mobile, you are easily covered. Our website & app will help you manage the complete process of streamlining your teams and schedules. So, just register & easily access your essential data from web and app services.


Grow participation. Simplify team management


24/7 Player registration for trials & teams

Team creation for multiple sports

Category wise team creation (gender, year, course, house etc.)

Push notification service for team updates

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